IES publishes three new standards for indoor and outdoor lighting

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IES publishes three new standards for indoor and outdoor lighting

Posted: 2015-02-05 22:15:27 Hits: 673

The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America is addressing parking lot lighting, other exterior lighting, and 

indoor fluorescent product testing in three new standards documents.

The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) of North America has announced the publication of three new lighting-

centric standards – "Lighting for exterior environments" (RP-33-14), "Lighting for parking facilities" (RP-20-14), and 

"Approved method for photometric testing of indoor fluorescent luminaires" (LM-41-14). The two recommended 

practices (RP) standards will be primarily applicable to solid-state lighting (SSL) given the fact that LED sources are 

dominating in such applications. The testing methods (TM) standard is, as the name implies, specific to fluorescent 


Recommended practices are published to guide lighting design based on the experience of professionals working 

on IES committees, and cover a wide set of different applications. For example, we recently held a webcast covering 

the key changes and additions to the new RP-8 lighting standard for roadways. LM standards define testing and 

calculation methods that ensure a fair playing field when product manufacturers characterize the performance of 

components or lighting systems. For example, LM-80 applies to the performance of packaged LEDs. Similarly, LM-

79 is used for lamp and luminaire characterization.

The parking facility lighting standard is focused on fixed lighting and is intended to guide new installations. The IES 

does not recommend that it be applied to existing installations unless the lighting is updated with the latest luminaire 

technology. The standard does cover both outdoor lots and garages with roofs. The guidelines are crafted to optimize 

both pedestrian and vehicle safety.
The exterior environment RP is focused on issues such as sky glow and light trespass in exterior lighting installations. 

It provides guidance on usage of the Model Lighting Ordinance. Specifically, the document will help lighting 

designers/specifiers to determine the proper lighting zone specifications for applicability in particular applications.
The indoor testing standard defines test procedures that ensure "adequate and uniform methods for determining and 

reporting the photometric characteristics of indoor fluorescent luminaires." Like most LM documents, LM-41 details 

the thermal environment and lighting-control scenarios in which products are tested. The goal is accurate and 

consistent photometric data for products from any vendor, enabling fair comparison of products.


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