​Plessey has launched a range of LED ‘filaments’ based on GaN-on-Si die made in Plymouth

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​Plessey has launched a range of LED ‘filaments’ based on GaN-on-Si die made in Plymouth

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“The filaments are designed for the surging filament bulb market where these replacement lamps have far better performance, but maintain the physical appearance of incandescent lamps,” said the firm.

Called the PLF series, the chip-on-board filaments create the same amount of light as an incandescent filament, while consuming less energy and lasting longer.

Terminations are unique, said Plessey, as they can be handled and spot welded by existing high volume automated glass lamp manufacturing lines, and the firm has incorporated a mechanism to control current and Vf of the filaments when filaments are driven in a bridge configuration.

Plessey Filament“Plessey will also be incorporating other active and passive electronic components for chip-on-board and chip-scale packaging solutions in next generation of filaments,” said company CTO Dr Keith Strickland.

‘PLF’ series filaments come in a variety of lengths, light outputs, with colour temperatures from very warm 2,200K to sunlight-cool 6,500K.

In November last year, Plessey pushed its GaN-on-Si LEDs through the 120 lm/W barrier. It has been developing LED production in Devon from a standing start when it acquired University of Cambridge spin-out CamGan in early 2012.

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