G60 LED Globe Bulb, 3030 SMD, 6W 7W 9W

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G60 LED Globe Bulb

Short Description

name: G60 LED Globe Bulb
Model: G60P6CW

Buy G60 LED Globe Bulb from China LED Light Manufacturer Haichang Optotech, 3030 SMD LED, 6W 7W 9W power, 200 beam angle, compliant with CE & RoHS.


G60 LED Globe bulb Ra80, 200° wide beam angle


Super bright 3030 SMD LED
Wide Viewing angle 
High quality thermal plastic shell with built-in cooling aluminum

Frosted glass cover with light transmission rate over 95%
Energy saving: high efficiency constant current driver, low power consumption
Eco-friendly, no heavy metal and harmful gas
50,000 hours long lifetime
No flickering
Power Factor: >0.5
Working Temperature: -25℃ ~ 60℃
Compliant with CE & RoHS
Warranty: 2 years

Technical details:

Model No. Power Color
Lumens Angle CRI Base Voltage Dimension
G60P6CW/WW 6W 2700-7000K 480 Lm 200° >80 E27/B22 AC200-240V Φ60×109mm
G60P7CW/WW 7W 2700-7000K 610 Lm 200° >80 E27/B22 AC200-240V Φ60×109mm
G60P9CW/WW 9W 2700-7000K 850 Lm 200° >80 E27/B22 AC200-240V Φ60×109mm

Test report of LED Globe bulb:

Light distribution curve of 7w LED globe bulb:


Direct replacement of traditional bulbs.
Illumination and decoration at home and public areas.
Suitable for commercial building ,villa, restaurant, hotel, meeting room, table lamb, garden lamp etc.

Remarks and cautions:

Switch off the electricity before replacing the lamp.
Keep away from direct sunshine and high temperature.
Not suitable for use with dimmers.