Square Solar LED Paver Light, 0.12W, Light Sensor

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Solar LED Paver Light Square Shape SPH-A00201

Short Description

name: Solar LED Paver Light Square Shape SPH-A00201
Model: SPH-A00201

Buy Square Solar LED Paver Light from China LED Light Manufacturer Haichang Optotech, light sensor, IP68, IP20, use super capacitor as power storage.


2nd generation Solar LED Paver light Square shape, Solar LED Tile Light


Product features:

5-year warranty. 10 years lifetime
100% solar powered: solar power will be automatically changed into electricity to light the LEDs
Using super capacitor as power storage instead of battery, no maintenance required at all for 3-5 years
No wires, no electricians

Can get enough light even in rainy or cloudy days for 12+ hours continuous illumination during night
Activation mode: Light Sensor     
Min. Charge Condition: 10,000 Lux
Stainless steel housing: strong, acid and corrosion resistance
Heavy weight bearing, 100% Waterproof and dustproof
LED chip: Taiwan Epistar SMD LED
Working temperature: -20 ~ +60°C, Conservation temperature: -45~+80°C
Life span(H): > 50,000Hrs  
CE & RoHS compliant

Technical datas:

Power: 0.12W
Input volt: 4.8V
Storage: Super Capacitor
Activation mode: Light Sensor
Min. Charge Condition(Lux): 10,000
Working hours after a charge: 12 hours 
LED Light efficiency(LM/W) ≥70LM/W  
Light source: Epistar SMD LED
Color: White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green
Color rendering index: Ra>72
Housing: Stainless steel housing
Weight bearing: 22 Tons
Protection grade: IP68, Waterproof, moisture resistant
Dimension: L116*W116*H68mm
North America Size (SPH-A01701): L99**W99*H60mm
Gross weight: 1.2kgs
Working temperature: -20-60℃
Conservation temperature(°C): -45-80°C
Life span: > 50,000 hours
5 years warranty, 10 years lifetime

Widely used as landscape lighting and architecture lighting, such as paver, garden, stair, park, walkway, swimming pool, square, etc..