Solar LED Paver Light, 0.24W, Super Capacitor

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Solar LED Paver Light Square Shape SPH-A00301

Short Description

name: Solar LED Paver Light Square Shape SPH-A00301
Model: SPH-A00301

Buy Square Solar LED Paver Light from China LED Light Manufacturer Haichang Optotech, 0.24W, ≥70LM/W , 10 years lifetime, Taiwan Epistar SMD LED.


2nd generation Solar LED Paver light Square shape, Solar LED Tile Light

Product features:

5-year warranty. 10 years lifetime
100% solar powered: solar power will be automatically changed into electricity to light the LEDs
Using super capacitor as power storage instead of battery, no maintenance required at all for 3-5 years
No wires, no electricians

Can get enough light even in rainy or cloudy days for 12+ hours continuous illumination during night
Activation mode: Light Sensor     
Min. Charge Condition: 10,000 Lux
Stainless steel housing: strong, acid and corrosion resistance
Heavy weight bearing, 100% Waterproof and dustproof
LED chip: Taiwan Epistar SMD LED
Working temperature: -20 ~ +60°C, Conservation temperature: -45~+80°C
Life span(H): > 50,000Hrs  
CE & RoHS compliant

Technical datas:

Power: 0.24W
Input volt: 4.8V
Storage: Super Capacitor
Activation mode: Light Sensor
Min. Charge Condition(Lux): 10,000
Working hours after a charge: 12 hours 
LED Light efficiency(LM/W) ≥70LM/W  
Light source: Epistar SMD LED
Color: White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green
Color rendering index: Ra>72
Housing: Stainless steel housing
Weight bearing: 23 Tons
Protection grade: IP68, Waterproof, moisture resistant
Dimension: L217*W117*70mm
North America Size (SPH-A01701): L198*W99*60mm
Gross weight:  2kgs
Working temperature: -20-60℃
Conservation temperature(°C): -45-80°C
Life span: > 50,000 hours
5 years warranty, 10 years lifetime

Widely used as landscape lighting and architecture lighting, such as paver, garden, stair, park, walkway, swimming pool, square, etc..