Infrared Sensor LED Tube, 16W, SMD 3014

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Infrared Sensor LED Tube Light

Short Description

name: Infrared Sensor LED Tube Light

Buy Infrared Sensor LED Tube Light from China LED Light Manufacturer Haichang Optotech, high quality aluminum PCB, 16 Watt, high-grade PC cover.


Operation principle:

When human or car is detected moving in the garage, the infrared sensor led tube will automatically give out full brightness while consumes only power 16 Watt. The brightness is far enough to replace 36W traditional fluorescent tube T8 (actually consume around 40W).
When there’s no human or car detected, the infrared sensor led tube will illuminate at tiny brightness with power consumption of only 3 Watt, which is sufficient to meet the need of on-site security and minimum brightness for monitoring. 
When the infrared sensor led tube is triggered to be at full brightness, there is certain time delay. In case there’s frequent passing in and out of people or cars, the tube gives full brightness persistently to avoid the discomfort feeling caused by frequent change on brightness.
The tube really achieves the concept of "Lighting upon demanding" with great energy saving, thanks to the intelligent infrared sensor.

Product Features:

Epistar SMD LED as the light source, extremely low light decay
Use high quality aluminum PCB for LED’s better heat dissipation
High-grade PC cover with high light transmission (>95%)
Transparent PC cover and frosted PC cover are available
180º beam angle
Over 50,000 hours lifetime, Energy saving 50-70%
Ambient temperature: -20℃~40℃, surface temperature: 42℃~45℃
No mercury, lead or other hazardous materials
No radiation, no electromagnetic radiation, Instant start, no flicking, no humming
Wide range of input voltage: AC165-265V
CE & RoHS compliant

Widely used in indoor lighting such as metro station, underground parking, school, university, hospital, factory, conference room, show room, office, chain store, supermarket, etc..


Technical datas:
Electrical Characteristics Optical Properties
Power Supply With Internal No-isolated Power supply LED Type SMD3014
Input Voltage AC165-265V / 50-60Hz LED quantity 160 pcs
Rated Power 16W Lumen 1300-1500 lm
Actual Power 16W±1.5W CRI ≧72 Ra
Power Factor 0.95-0.98 Beam Angle 180°
Life Time ≧50000H CCT 2800-3200K/4000-4750K/ 5500-6500K

Inductive Angle: 120°
Inductive Distance: 4-8M
Inductive Delay Time: 10s / 20s / 30s, adjustable
React Time: 0.5s
Dormancy Power: 2-3W
Power: 16W


Installation of One Side Power in Tube:

Installation of Both Sides Power in Tube:

Carton size: 127*23*23CM  
Quantity: 25pcs per carton
G.W.: 14.8kg/carton