LED Refrigerator Light Bar, IP66 2835 SMD

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IP66 LED Refrigerator Light Bar

Short Description

name: IP66 LED Refrigerator Light Bar
Model: TOPWR-1200P04

Buy Refrigerator LED Light Bar from China LED Light Manufacturer Haichang Optotech, IP66, 2835 SMD LED, DC24V voltage, 30 45 60 100 120cm available.



Product Features:

Super bright 2835 SMD LED
Aluminum alloy housing, Mitsubishi PC tube cover(UV protection level up to 380), Waterproof end cover 
Length: 30cm, 45cm, 60cm,100cm and 120cm. Special sizes available upon request.
Easy to be extended to any length through connection cables
Energy saving - very low power consumption
Long lifespan: over 50,000 hours
Good thermal transmission, anti-corrosion and anti-UV
Compliant with Rohs and CE
Color temperature: >6000K
IP Grade: IP66
Working temperature: -40℃ to + 60℃

Technical datas:

Item Item No. Dimension
Luminous Flux
1 TOPWR-300P04 300(L)*19.5(W)*13.5(H)mm 200 Lm DC24V 3.5W  
2 TOPWR-450P04 450(L)*19.5(W)*13.5(H)mm 300 Lm DC24V 4.5W  
3 TOPWR-600P04 600(L)*19.5(W)*13.5(H)mm 400 Lm DC24V 6W  
4 TOPWR-1000P04 1000(L)*19.5(W)*13.5(H)mm 700 Lm DC24V 9.5W  
5 TOPWR-1200P04 1200(L)*19.5(W)*13.5(H)mm 900 Lm DC24V 12W  

Test report:


Suitable for cabinets lighting especially for refrigerator, freezer, show case, selling machine,etc..