Integrated LED T5 Tube, 2835 SMD, CRI≥72, CRI>80

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T5 Integrated LED Tube

Short Description

name: T5 Integrated LED Tube
Model: T5ITG-120W16-2835

Our T5 Integrated LED Tube uses 2835 SMD LED as light source with various sizes available typically 300mm,600mm,1200mm,1500mm. Multiple tubes can be easily joint seamlessly through the connector. This type of T5 integrated tube adopts AC85-265V wide voltage input. It is CE and RoHS compliant.



Integrated design makes sure that each two tubes can connect seamlessly without shadow
Antioxidant fine copper joint with high quality conductivity and safety
Aluminum alloy body, High-grade PC cover with nice light transmittance
Light source: 2835 SMD LEDs
Color rendering Index (CRI)≥72, CRI>80 available
Inside constant-current led power supply design, Power Factor (PF) >0.90
Ambient temperature:-20℃-40℃, surface temperature: 42℃-45℃
UV free, mercury free, no IR radiation, Eco-friendly
Instant start without Flickering
80% Energy-saving,50,000H lifetime

Product Dimension:

   Standard Length    Dimension(mm)
   A(max)       B(max)       C(max)   
300 300 28 14
600 573
900 890
1200 1183

Technical details:
Model LED
Power Input
T5ITG-015W2-2835 14 PCS 150mm 2W±1.0W AC85-265V 2800-3200K 250-300LM  
4000-4500K 300-350LM  
5500-6500K 300-350LM  
T5ITG-030W4-2835 28 PCS 300mm 4W±1.0W AC85-265V 2800-3200K 250-300LM  
4000-4500K 300-350LM  
5500-6500K 300-350LM  
T5ITG-050W7-2835 46 PCS 500mm 7W±1.0W AC85-265V 2800-3200K 400-450LM  
4000-4500K 450-500LM  
5500-6500K 450-500LM  
T5ITG-060W8-2835 54 PCS 600mm 8W±1.0W AC85-265V 2800-3200K 480-540LM  
4000-4500K 550-600LM  
5500-6500K 550-600LM  
T5ITG-090W12-2835 84 PCS 900mm 12W±1.0W AC85-265V 2800-3200K 800-900LM  
4000-4500K 900-1000LM  
5500-6500K 900-1000LM  
T5ITG-100W14-2835 92 PCS 1000mm 14W±1.0W AC85-265V 2800-3200K 1000-1100LM  
4000-4500K 1100-1200LM  
5500-6500K 1100-1200LM  
T5ITG-120W16-2835 110 PCS 1200mm 16W±1.0W AC85-265V 2800-3200K 1200-1300LM  
4000-4500K 1300-1400LM  
5500-6500K 1300-1400LM  
T5ITG-150W20-2835 138 PCS 1500mm 20W±1.0W AC85-265V 2800-3200K 1600-1700LM  
4000-4500K 1700-1800LM  
5500-6500K 1700-1800LM  

Accent lighting, Task lighting or Display lighting: cabinets, counters, cupboards, etc.
Back lighting for square billboards or advertisement boards.
Residential lighting, supermarket lighting, office lighting, hotel lighting, etc.